Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Avengers (2012)

First of all I thought the movie was truly AWESOME! And I'd thought I'd do something fun about helping you decide if its a movie you'd like to see or if you should let your kids see it. Keep in mind it is PG-13 for comic book style fighting...good guys vs. bad guys. I didn't hear any foul words nor any sexual references or jokes. Only a simple kiss between tony Stark (aka Ironman) and Pepper Potts. In fact overall I think we may let our boys see this one, even though we are not allowing them to watch the other ones prior to this. But anyway here's a quick guide to knowing if YOU would like the movie or not.


1. Did you watch Ironman (2008) and enjoy it? If Yes proceed to question 2. If no, just stop you won't really like the Avengers and maybe comic book movies are not for you.

2. Did you watch Ironman 2 (2010) and enjoy it? If yes or no really doesn't matter proceed to question 3. This movie was okay but not relevant to the Avengers storyline really. (FYI Ironman 3 is due out in 2013!)

3. Did you watch Captain America (2011) and enjoy it? If yes proceed to question 4. (Oh Chris Evans...did you know he also plays another Marvel super hero in the Fantastic Four!). Part of this movie is also very relevant to the Avengers storyline. If you answered no but yes to question 1, watch this movie first before seeing Avengers.

4. Did you watch either Hulk movie (2003 or 2008)? If yes or no, whatever both were horrible and neither actor continued to play the Hulk in the Avengers. If you did see it, ignore your dislike or even liking for them and continue to question 5.

5. Did you watch Thor (2011) and enjoy it? If yes, then you are ready to watch the Avengers. This movie sets up the bad guy for Avengers. If you didn't enjoy Thor, maybe seeing The Lucky One would be better.

If most of your answers were yes...then run to see the Avengers! Its fantastic! Fun! Exciting! Perfect for Marvel fans young and old! In fact out of all the movies mentioned above this one is more family friendly for kids who like action style movies. I have to see it one more time to fully give my support to my 6 year old to see it. But 3rd/4th grade and above should be fine for this movie. Really its just the comic book violence that made it PG-13. And kuddos to Marvel Studios (now owned by Disney) for another awesome movie!

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